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Presently Baslim placed big bowls of stew on the table in the living room, first moving chair and table so that the boy might sit on the chest while eating.

He added a handful of fresh green lentils and a couple of generous chunks of country bread, blade and hard.

There was one desk occupied with carefully docketed papers; and there were several chairs of the red-varnished wood - though of different shape.2443 They all gazed at him.

His hair was white as snow in the sunshine; and gleaming white was his robe; the eyes under his deep brows were bright, piercing as the rays of the sun; power was in his hand.

Neither it, nor its replicas scattered across half the globe, expected to succeed with all the scores of groups involved in the experiment.

There were about thirty of them, and they could not have been distinguished from the members of Moon Watcher's own tribe.

As they saw him coming they began to dance, shake their arms, and shriek on their side of the stream, and his own people replied in kind.

This was a younger, more adaptable specimen; it succeeded where the older one had failed.

On the planet Earth, the first crude knot had been tied.

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