How to end a dating relationship

Generally we’re not supposed to miss the things we never had but in the case of the non-relationship, it’s quite normal to do so.As Kate Hakala wrote in Mic, “The truth is, there’s no real rubric for these types of breakups …Needing to be honest shouldn’t come as a surprise but when it comes to navigating our emotional landscapes, it’s important to know where you stand and where they stand.Hence if you start to lose interest or, horror of horrors, – you probably know that you need to find out if you and whoever you’re with are on the same page.Then when things become a little more long term, maybe you don’t want to let him (or her) know that you’ve caught a touch of the feels and that all the Bumble matches in a week couldn’t make you as pleased as a text from them.

But having closure is often better than not knowing.

Yes, by leaving something undefined we open it to imagination, to what-ifs and maybes.

But no, just because it’s undefined doesn’t mean you can’t end it, that there’s ‘no real closure, no opportunity to move on.’ Because there absolutely is a way to achieve both. It’s refusing to be part of the wheel of ambiguity.

To not knowing if something can or should move forward or not.

Lack of communication will always, inevitably, leave involved parties in limbo and whilst this can be fun at first, a complete lack of discussion can also makes things needlessly complicated.

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