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Back to top Free Tuition at Vocational-Technical College The child of a missing person who was domiciled in this State serving in or with the U. armed forces after February 28, 1961, is entitled to free tuition at vocational-technical college so long as said missing person is so reported/listed as missing, captured, etc.Free Tuition for Surviving Children of Military Members Children of military members who die in service during wartime, and children of certain wartime veterans who die from a service-connected disability, may qualify for free tuition at New Hampshire public institutions of higher learning.Cities/towns may vote to adopt a higher tax credit of up to 0.The widow of a veteran who was killed while on active duty in the military may be eligible for a tax credit of between 0 and 00 on real estate or personal property.State Park Admission NH veterans with any VA service-connected disability rating shall not be charged a fee for day-use admission to NH state parks.Any active member of a federally-recognized unit of the NH National Guard who is a legal resident of this state and is serving (or who retired) in pay grades E-1 through E-6 shall not be charged a fee for admission to the state park system.There is a 0 tax credit on real estate occupied as principal place of abode by a permanently and totally disabled service-connected veteran, double amputee or paraplegic or unremarried surviving spouse.

Tax Exemption Certain wartime veterans, their wives or widows may be eligible for a property tax credit of (0 if both are eligible veterans).Global War on Terrorism Operations Service Bonus of 0.Each person who actively served in any capacity as a member of the uniformed services of the United States on or after September 11, 2001 and on or before a date to be determined by the Secretary of Defense, and who earned the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal or Afghanistan Campaign, or Iraq Campaign Medal; and who was discharged, released or has a certificate of service therefrom, with an honorable discharge, or who is missing in action or who was killed in action; and who at the time of entry on such active service, and at the time of such service was a bona fide resident of this state shall be entitled to the benefits provided under this subdivision.Training Reemployment of veterans by towns and other political subdivisions upon application being made within 90 days after the veteran is discharged from active military service.Peddler's License Service-connected disabled veterans and their unremarried widows may be exempt from fees for a Peddler's License.

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Relief War veterans and their dependent families who are unable to support themselves shall be supported at public expense in the town or city in which they live.

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